The Site

On this site I hope to bring together resources that myself and other teachers produce in the area of “Creativity in Computing“. The focus here is on creating fun and innovative schemes of work for KS2 through to KS5, which use freely available software, and require a limited amount of setting up.

I hope to publish full schemes of work which meet this aim, that teachers can use freely and which students can also attempt to work through.

The Motivation

  • Since January 2011 over 1,200 apps have been added to the android store DAILY (source: http://www.androlib.com/appstats.aspx), making this an emerging area in which to engage young people.
  • ICT is boring. In general, students are not excited about the subject. Young people need to become more engaged with technology and computing, as there will be countless jobs available for them in this field, if current statistics are to be believed.
  •  There is widespread agreement that ICT does not satisfy employers, and that it is a major concern to Ofsted, Universities and professional bodies.  (source: CaS, 2011)
  • “Every student should have the opportunity to learn Computing through their education (from KS1 onwards)”. (source: CaS, 2011)

About Me

I graduated in Computer Science in 2004, and then participated in the Teach First programme. Since then I have worked in a range of different schools, from a central London Academy, to an International School in Hong Kong, and now a Grammar School where I am the Head of ICT , Computing and Business Studies. I completed an MA in ICT in Education in 2009, where I studied Games, Games Culture and Education, ICT Policy and ICT Strategy in Education.


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